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Self-Assignment: Neosho Falls, KS

The town of Neosho Falls, Kansas, was founded in 1857; almost a hundred years later (July 1951 to be exact) the town was devastated by a flood which made it a virtual ghost town for some time. Today it is a small agricultural community of approx. 175 citizens. The rock band ‘Kansas’ was inspired by the town’s story and immortalized it on their last studio album entitled “In the Spirit of Things”. Here is a sampling of images taken today (10/2/10). Several of the original color images have been converted to toned black and white to evoke the mood which still lingers at this locale.The Combined Grade School and High School

The Town Filling Station

Memorial Hall

The Old Power Plant on the bank of the Neosho River adjacent to the Falls

Abandoned Oilfield Equipment

Cedarvale Cemetery just outside town; many early tombstones are no longer legible due to erosion of the soft sandstone material used

The Falls and Old Power Plant

Looking Down River


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    A little something I did in the Fall of 2010 for you Kansas (the state) and Kansas (the band) history buffs.

    January 9, 2015 at 1:53 PM

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