The Adventure Continues…


Jordan is another of the great adoptables at the Purrfect Paradise Cat Rescue in Kansas City; see them on Facebook and their WordPress blog.


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  1. Joan Gerding


    I am still loving all your photos, just don’t seem to find the time to fav every one of them separately!  Your kitty photos are always amazing because kits don’t sit still very long to have their picture taken.  I hardly know where I am these days.  A few days at home, a few weeks in Illinois, just when the animals get adjusted to one, we start all over! Some mornings I reach for my glasses in the wrong place.  But do enjoy your pics.  Also read a new/old Andre Norton book. Really old – late 40’s I would guess.  And much more superficial, but good!  Sword in Sheath – not a sci fi, just a good old pirate post-war adventure!  E book on Amazon.  There seem to be more and more appearing – good thing, my paper back copies are absolutely falling apart.  

    Thanks for sharing your great shots!  Maybe if I ever get to stay at home I will adopt another kitty.



    November 4, 2012 at 3:13 PM

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