The Adventure Continues…




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  1. ldoucet

    Wow! the intensity of the colours is outrageous! Oh, forgot to tell you.. there was a photog at the show yesterday. His work was beautiful and mounted on alum (thin.. he said he uses “bayphoto” out of CA) Anyway, unfortunately, he opted to mount thse lovely photos on some of his acrylic painted canvas type things that really were quite ugly…. I asked him if he had considered a more minimalist approach to mounting and he said “then I would be like all the other photog’s” …. Didn’t see any of his work selling…[?]. Personally, I strive for a minimalistic approach… don’t always succeed, but I do like it! Unfortunately, most people are just “normal” with no eye for what is art…. I know, we have lots of experience w/ it… but still…!!! The jeweler who sold me a couple pieces was pretty astute. but the work was gorgeous.

    January 13, 2013 at 3:00 PM

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